söndag 21 juni 2009

Small forehead, big bruise

Baby Iris just got her first encounter with the emergency room. She went head-to-head with a ceramic frog in the garden. K and Em rushed her away to the hospital, where she checked out fine. She got a bandaid on her forehead and released under the loving care of her parents. Tomorrow she'll be spending her day with grandmother instead of boring daycare.

torsdag 18 juni 2009


The first rolls of film developed! Check out http://dirtydianaphotos.blogspot.com/ for the latest weird snapshots.

fredag 12 juni 2009


By accident (and a misspelling) I stumbeld upon this clothing brand. I fell in love right away with this London-based Australian designer. As usual, the ANT!PODIUM line isn't available in Sweden. London, here I come!!
Check out www.antipodium.com

tisdag 9 juni 2009

The first rolls

Against all common sence I bought my Diana camera to the company's summer party. I feared it would break, get lost or melt in the beer fumes. But it didn't. I shot my three first rolls of film and now I can't wait until I get it developed. This could turn out to be a very expensive hobby. But who cares... I simply love my little turqouise plastic camera :)

måndag 1 juni 2009


Inspired by my friend Matias amazing pictures, I bought a Diana F+ camera. A digital camera is too controlled, too perfect. Weirdly I miss the waiting, the joy of looking at a freshly developed film never knowing if the image turned out the way you wanted it to. And my camera is here... somewhere in Malmö... Blonde as I am, I ordered it to be delivered to my home addres. Not a smart thing to do... DHL delivers daytime. When I'm at work... I'm hitting myself.