fredag 18 november 2011

The boot pt 2

After posting my last post, I got a text from Mum saying "Don't buy the boot! You have other things to focus on!". And she's right. I do have other stuff to focus on right now. Mums are very good at that kind of thing. Especially mine. Getting me grounded again and thinking of the more practical things. I already have 63 pairs of shoes at home (but no really good boot btw). I tried to auction some off but people are strange. The few bids I got was on the most worn down and cheapest ones. Nothing on the brand new, never used, still in the box-ones. Last weekend we also cleared out my closet, 3 big, black plastic bags. And I have to keep that up. I need to streamline my stuff anyway...

torsdag 10 november 2011

Give me the boot!

I'm seriously digging on these boots right now! It's a pair of ACNEs and they will set me back way too much if I actually do buy them. Just let me drool a bit longer.

onsdag 2 november 2011

Moving on

Three days shy of my five years anniversary, I resigned. I've been commuting to Älmhult almost every day since that day warm, lovely summers day in August. Back then, I was just a free lancer, thinking I only have to do this for three month but then I got an offer to stay. Back then it wasn't a hard decision. I had already met people that have become some of my closest friends. Then my friends left, one by one. A wanted to focus on his music, J took her whole family to Brussels and V moved back to the States. And there was I. Now I'm leaving for Gothenburg, a brand new work place and new colleagues. I have no friends in Gothenburg but I'm sure I'll make some soon. And it's only a tree hours train ride back to Malmö if I get home sick.

I had a brief encounter with anxiety last night, thinking "WHAT HAVE I DONE?". That only lasted for about four minutes. Now my biggest concern is finding a place to live.