söndag 11 september 2011

A day at the Zoo

I have never been to a zoo. There. I said it. I don't know why on earth I'd never been to one. I mean, I like animals, all kinds of. So, keeping the promise to Iris, we ventured out to Copenhagen and the zoo!

First thing on the list: ice cream!

Different species of Flamingos.

The lions were magnificent! The cubs were born in June and soo cute.

In the tropic house, I made a new friend. This red-cowled Cardinal was is so pretty and not very shy. I got really close and had a nice chat.

One of my favorites are the colorful, but poisonous, small frogs.

I think snakes are so amazing! I'm not really afraid of them (like some people are) but thats easy to say when they are behing glas.

I didn't see any pygmy Marmoset but these Lion Tamarinds I could look at forever. So quick jumping between the branches.

Penguins are penguins, always entertaining.

When I saw the mighty polar bears, I was struck with this sensation that so many have. Animals shouldn't be in captivity. Their area was so small. One kept swimming round and round in a tight circle. I sure hope they hurry with the building of the Arctic area of the zoo.

The Asian Elephants seemed so gentle, walking slowly, throwing dust around.

Sometimes when you think you know someone, they surprise you! Like that fact that my Mum is not very fond of Baboons!

Giraffes. What more can I say?

tisdag 6 september 2011


I never really cared for Wellingtons. Especially in the city. Growing up sailing it was THE thing to wear on the boat but later I frowned upon them. It could be that they all where army green and clumsy. Then, a few years ago, Danish designer Ilse Jacobsen started to design wellies and raincoats that you actually could wear. Great colours on a rainy day!

Mum went to her outlet and got me a pair of black, short ones without the lacing (not seen in the picture). I wore them for the first time today. Now I'm joining the masses with Ilse Jacobsen wellies and another pair shoes in the bag. I'm slowly getting in to fact that autumn is coming... And I'm okey with that.

måndag 5 september 2011

Best gift ever!

It's not fun to celebrate one's birthday in the middle of the week. People are tired after a days work and there's no time for you to fix a really nice dinner. So I posponed mine till Sunday. I made a fish soup and a Pavlova for dessert (kind of a tradition it seems). And although I'm way past 6 years of age, I found myself jumping up and down when I opened the gift from Mum!

I just put up this bag on my list (yes, we are still making wish lists), never dreaming that I would get it. But I did! Best present ever! Check out the other lovely bags from Svenskt Tenn.