tisdag 27 april 2010

Ramona Falls - I say Fever

Amazing song, freakin' amazing video!

söndag 25 april 2010

Springcoat pt.2

I love my blue coat from Whyred that I wrote about earlier. However, I don't love to see that same coat in another retail shop at a lower price! I could perhaps live with a couple of hundreds of kronor in difference, but 1000 kr cheaper!! That is not okay. I ran home, collected the coat and receipt and when to the store and got the money back. Then I ran to the other store and bought the same jacket and with the money "saved", I bought this one:

This delightful light blue/white striped coat comes from a design collaboration between Peter Jensen and Weekdays. Good deal, huh?

torsdag 22 april 2010


We all thought that spring was finally here but out of the blue (or gray) came the cold again. The temperature droped, the wind picked up and snow started to fall on the plains of Skåne. All hope of wearing spring coats and sunglasses seemed to have dissapeared. Why, oh why?

lördag 17 april 2010


Yesterday, it was time again for After Work at the Grand Hotel in Lund. I remember that I, after the last time, said that I would try the oysters. I have never eaten oysters before. Alas, I chickened out and got the shrimp sandwich instead.

söndag 11 april 2010


I just bought this lovely coat from Whyred. I love it's structured look and the shorter arm length. Now I need a bag to match!