måndag 28 december 2009

Social Sunday

After the X-mas holiday, friends starts to find their way back to good ol' Malmö again. What better than grabbing a beer at the local watering hole and catch up.

One couch potatoe turned into two couch potatoes...

...turned in to three couch potatoes...

...listening to some sweet music by the DJ.

söndag 27 december 2009


Santa (my brother) was good to me this year. He got me 5 rolls of very nice 120 mm film. I'm now thinking of what I'm going to shoot. I'm thinking maybe a series of portraits since the film is very good at capturing skin tones. And maybe a new blog also only for my Seagull images...

This Seagull 4B camera I bought from my photography teacher way back in '96. Haven't used it that much. Don't know why... I think I'm a bit afraid of it.

lördag 26 december 2009

X-mas '09

The thing I love about our small family is that it has always room for more. This year we where joined by the Steen brothers, Johan and Oscar. Their parents came down on Christmas day but Christmas eve they spent with us.

It's not Christmas without a tree... This year decorated with red and silver balls, candy canes and Hello Kitty-ornaments.

Iris, the photographer. I see great things in her future. I think a camera is in her stocking next year!

And yesterday, my iPhone started to act up in majorly wierd way. Maybe it's reacting to it's owners hard working stomach?

måndag 21 december 2009


What can be more glamourous than a pyramid of champagne glasses? With the holidays fast approaching, what could be more festive?

Image via Gettyimages

I've been looking everywhere for this kind of glass but, alas, no suck luck...

söndag 13 december 2009

A must see

Need I say more?

söndag 6 december 2009

Week 49

So what's a girl supposted to do when the weather is getting colder, the wind is picking up and the rain starts to pour? After a long work week you curl up on the sofa watching a good movie, in my case "Harry Brown" starring Michael Caine. On Saturday night, you join up with a friend at Carib Kreol for drinks.

A taste of paradise! This Pina Colada didn't take long to devour! We gulped down two each before we headed of to our dinner reservation with the bartenders words echoing:"Can you stand up straight?"
Dinner took place at BELLE epoque. I'd tried their food before. The bad picture doesn't make justice for the good food.

I had the "oxkind" and is was delicious! I really like the fact that the chef changes up the menu every week and tries to keep it seasonal. It keeps the people coming back!

lördag 5 december 2009

The search for true classics pt.3

If I ever get a car (or a licence for that matter) it would be this one! A 1964 cream coloured Triumph Spitfire. Five seperate Spitfire were sold during the the production run between 1962-80 but this is the coolest, the Spitfire Mark I.