onsdag 29 juni 2011

Iris drawing David

Midsummer's Eve we all got together at my place. Eating the classic new potatoes, herring and sour cream. Mum brought a pie with Västerbottenost and I served some beet roots with chevré. After all that food, beer and snaps we got a bit restless and stept out to the yard for some fine art making. Iris drew a lovely portrait of David. This was after she heard him say "Fy fan".

Mum took Iris home and the grown ups (?) stayed in and played Uno...

onsdag 22 juni 2011


Yesterday, our group went to Louisiana for a little rest from the office. We saw two very different exhibitions; "me draw on iPad" by David Hockney and "Living: Frontiers of Architecture III-IV". I really liked the Architecture. I took some pictures of course.

After a walk-through, Kajsa and I enjoyed a coffee outside in the park. The others took theirs earlier, don't know why. It's always better to get coffee after so you can contemplate over everything you have seen. The weather was great, btw!

tisdag 21 juni 2011


Talk about a blast from the past! During lunch I popped into the local supermarket and there on temporary visit was the BLÅVITT brand. I have always loved the simple design of the packages, it was it is. Oatmeal, coffee, cup. No muzz, no fuzz.

The brand was launched in 1979 and the products are sold with no advertising at all, simple packaging that leads to a low price for the customer. In this day and age of over-designed, multiple packaging this is quite refreshing to see.

onsdag 15 juni 2011

New shoes!

I just ordered these espadrillo-wedges! I was looking for a pair to go with my maxi-dress but the ones in the stores just wasn't right!

Like, dislike?

tisdag 14 juni 2011

The Battle is on! continued...

I just want to make one thing clear! This blog is not turning into "my diet blog", I just want to share this with you. Although I set up on this adventure not in a hunt for kilos but more me detoxing myself from all those carbs. After 6 days I'm proud at announce that I lost 2 kg! That's pretty good right? A couple more then I'm good to go!

onsdag 8 juni 2011

Day 2

Day 2 of my diet... I'm not hungry. But I really miss fruits, especially oranges. It was usually a glass of oj that got me going in the mornings. But I have to wait almost 2 weeks before I can eat a simple grape fruit. But, as they say in Sweden, skam den som ger sig (Shame on the ones who give up)!