tisdag 30 november 2010

Cash or card?

Yesterday I did something I never thought I'd ever do. I applied for a credit card. I'm a little bit afraid of credit cards, all the stories you hear of people spending too much, taking loans to cover their debt and so on. It could easily turn into a downwards spiral to huge economical problems. My reason for applying is simple: I'm traveling much more now and I don't want to use my own bank card if the card gets skimmed. I know it could happen here too. So the card should only be used abroad or in case of emergency i.e if I slip on the icy roads and knock my teeth out.

tisdag 23 november 2010

Tell it like it is!

I don't know if it's the gray weather, all the horror movies we've been watching or just in general but I find myself wearing black and grays all the time. The black nail polish is chipping but I don't feel like removing it.

I really like the decadent jewelery from BJØRG, especially this ring with the statement "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn".

söndag 21 november 2010

What are you... like 5?

I'm not a big fan of baking. I have zero tolerance for sticky dough. But I love lussekatter. And julmust. So I decided to bake some lussekatter. I always thought that you made lussekatter in tribute to the Saint Lucia but no... The concept of the buns had originally nothing to do with Lucia, but is etymologically traced to Lucifer, the devil. It was in Germany in the 1600s that the practice of lussekatt started. The devil, in cat form, gave the child a beating, while Jesus in the form of a child handing out buns to good children. In order to keep the devious devil away, you coloured buns with the yellow saffron spice. The bright buns were scaring Lusse, ie Lucifer.

With that being said, D and I baked some buns. How is it that even though you're an adult, you can't help yourself shaping the buns to moustaches, ding dongs, boobs, poop and up-side-down crosses?!?!

They all turned out really tasty and with a tall glass of julmust, we enjoyed it like the five year olds we apparently are.

torsdag 18 november 2010

How do you spell 'graaoowwll'?

Fans of underground black metal music call Christophe Szpajdel the Lord of the Logos. This eponymous book is a collection of hundreds of Szpajdel’s powerful logos, each of which captures the force of this genre anew.

Through his surprising use of aesthetic influences such as art deco and nature, Szpajdel has brought a new dynamic into the gothic visuality of heavy metal.

Although you might not always be able to read what the logos says, I think they are lovely. This book is on top of my own x-mas list to myself.

fredag 12 november 2010

Green Lantern

The Green Lantern is my absolute favorite comic character. With the recent Hollywood hype for comic book heroes turning into movies, I'm glad they are making one with the Green Lantern.

Green Lantern is the name of several fictional characters, superheroes appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. Each Green Lantern possesses a power ring and power lantern that gives the user great control over the physical world as long as the wielder has sufficient willpower and strength to wield it. The ring is one of the most powerful weapons in the universe, and can be very dangerous.

måndag 8 november 2010

Meeting his parents...

...is scary stuff. You don't do it too often (or do you?) and you never know what to expect. So I turned to All womens talk for some last minute advice:

1. Wait
Don't rush into meeting the family. Wait for the right time. Get to know your guy first. Once you're sure that this relationship is 'the one' then mutually decide to meet the parents.

Check. After 10 month of dating, I think it's safe to say that we waited the appropriate time.

2. Research
Find out about his family before hand.

Check. D spilled the beans about his family so I was prepared.

3. Venue
The right location is important. One good choice would be something neutral, like a restaurant. Choose one that is semi-formal unless you're a pro at figuring out the cutlery!

Fail! No choice there. Dinner at his parents house!

4. Punctuality
Don't you want to make a good impression? Don't be late.

Semi-fail. We had to adjust to the train schedule.

5. Gifts
We all love them. However, finding the right gift is important. So find out in advance from your guy on what would be a good gift.

Check! We stuck to the basics and handed over a nice bouquet of flowers.

6. Attire
Get as much information as you can from your mate. You don't want to overdress or look sloppy.

Check! I think I managed that one. I didn't wear the dresses I ordered from ASOS a week ago. It just didn't feel right.

7. Conversation
So you dressed up real pretty, but do you have a mind? Then prove it but don't go overboard. Try and not show off about your exploits and education. Try and involve all the members of the family. Be polite.

Semi-check! That I have to work on...

8. Flattery
Yes it works to an extent. Shower a little praise on them for making their son a fine gentleman. His mother certainly wouldn't mind a few compliments on the food or home decor.

Check! But that wasn't hard. Their home was lovely and the food was great!

9. Opinions
While it's fine to have an opinion on certain matters, try and stay away from politics, religion and gender issues.

Check! Soccer was the main topic of conversation, so no problem there.

10. Leave
After dinner stay a while and chat, but don't linger on forever. They will probably want to wrap it up even if the evening went well. So thank everyone for having you over and make a graceful exit.

Check! The dinner party could probably lasted longer but we had a train to catch.

To sum up... His family was absolutely lovely. Mad and loud and loving, just like mine!

tisdag 2 november 2010

HM ♥ Lavin pt.1

So, HM just released a sneak peek of Lavin's collection. Do I love it? I don't know. I haven't seen the whole collection but so far I'm not impressed. I'm a bit over the cocktail dress, zebra-printed trench coat and the pumps with floral patterns. Guess I'll have to wait 'till the 4:th of November to view the whole enchilada.

måndag 1 november 2010

Davids photos

Fotografier: Bild. 199

I'm a bit jealous of David. Or his camera. Or his eye for photography. I'm not sure which. This is a picture taken from our trip to Falsterbo. The weather was amazing. I took some pictures too, but with my analogue Olympus. That you will have to wait for a bit...