söndag 21 november 2010

What are you... like 5?

I'm not a big fan of baking. I have zero tolerance for sticky dough. But I love lussekatter. And julmust. So I decided to bake some lussekatter. I always thought that you made lussekatter in tribute to the Saint Lucia but no... The concept of the buns had originally nothing to do with Lucia, but is etymologically traced to Lucifer, the devil. It was in Germany in the 1600s that the practice of lussekatt started. The devil, in cat form, gave the child a beating, while Jesus in the form of a child handing out buns to good children. In order to keep the devious devil away, you coloured buns with the yellow saffron spice. The bright buns were scaring Lusse, ie Lucifer.

With that being said, D and I baked some buns. How is it that even though you're an adult, you can't help yourself shaping the buns to moustaches, ding dongs, boobs, poop and up-side-down crosses?!?!

They all turned out really tasty and with a tall glass of julmust, we enjoyed it like the five year olds we apparently are.

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