tisdag 21 februari 2012

Too girly?

For once, I have the possibility to do something with my walls in my own apartment! For years and years now, it's been a thing to use wallpaper on just one wall. And now, I want this:

I was thinking this would look nice in my bedroom, all other things crispy white! What do you think?

tisdag 14 februari 2012

Getting real

Just like when I accepted the offer of a new job in a new town, I got that same feeling of "What have I done?!?" in my stomach yesterday. Since the new year I've been living in the company's apartment, sharing a two bedroom apartment with another newly employed at F&B. Half-hearted I've been looking thru housing, trying to sort out three-way contract swopping but yesterday reality struck.
A couple of weeks ago a girl from Stockholm took a look at my apartment in Malmö, I visited an apartment in Gothenburg and yesterday, the couple from Gbg fell in love with the Stockholm apartment. So I guess I'll be moving! And that is when it hit me! I'm leaving Malmö! I'm leaving a 20 minutes walk to my beloved family and replacing busses and trains for trams.

I actually think this is my house, I'm not sure.... It was dark when I saw it. But the layout is the same, two entrances, all the windows in the corner...