söndag 25 juli 2010

Fall Fashion

In the midst of my summer vacation, I can't help to look around what's coming up during the fall. I'm quite excited about the Scott Wilson jewellery collection for Asos. As you might already know, I'm a big fan of big, chunky bracelets so I'm keeping a look out for the blue one in the image. In the "shops" in September.

onsdag 14 juli 2010

It sure is easy

It didn't take me long to unwind. Summertime sure is easy and Ella is the Queen.

fredag 9 juli 2010

Summer time

Finally! The moment I've been waiting for has arrived. Four weeks of doing absolutely nothing or whatever I want to do. I plan to be lazy, sleeping in, eating breakfast in the sun, grabbing a blanket and head down to the beach with a good book or two. Maybe take a bus or train to a new place and walk around and take pictures with my new camera. Who knows?

torsdag 8 juli 2010

Got it!

I really want a new camera house for my Pentax Spotmatic and found myself searching the auction sites. I was bidding on a nice example, constantly being outmaneuvered. Then this caught my eye, an Olympus Trip.

The Trip 35 can be seen as the full frame 35mm version of the Olympus Pen camera. Isn't it cute?

torsdag 1 juli 2010

Mad cravings

I want this! A Hasselblad camera for sale at a pawn shop for the minuscule cost of 4500 sek.

Or is it to much? That I already have four analogue cameras and one digital (not counting my iPhone). Can you have too many cameras?