torsdag 28 oktober 2010


I grew up in the 80's. I read OKEJ magazine like a bible. With big eyes I read articles about A-ha, looked at pictures of Madonna and Cindy Lauper in awe and kissed the posters of Nikki Sixx. Parents were outraged by images of Blackie Lawless tearing pieces of meat with his teeth. Young boys drooled over Samantha Fox and her huge pectoral muscles.

The layout was mad, fonts all over the place and the colours clashed. But we loved it.

Now the original creators have put together a book featuring all the goodies from the 80's. The magazine still exists but doesn't have the full impact on youth as it used to.

måndag 25 oktober 2010

Cooking with a Tiger

Recipe for a great Saturday:

Run out and buy some carrots, yellow, purple and ordinary ones. Go to the fish market and get a couple of fresh filets. Don't forget the tomatoes, cream and white wine.

Round up the best little helper you can find. Preferably wearing tiger leggings and a I love Paris T-shirt.

And, Presto! A luscious fish soup. Bread from the local bakery and a bottle of red wine to top things off. Mums...

torsdag 21 oktober 2010

What the hell happened?

When I got up this morning and walked to the train station it was a beautiful autumn morning. 5°, no wind or rain. When I woke up from a much needed snooze in the hell hole that is Älmhult I saw this! What happened? I've still got a slight tan! I'm not ready for winter! I read in a article that this winter is going to be the coldest one in a 1000 years! Wasn't last winter the coldest ever?

Ps. I chose not to show a scenic winter landscape 'cause I don't like it. At all! Ds.

onsdag 20 oktober 2010

Food for thought

Is the current trend of supporting different causes taking the meaning out of the cause it self? We buy Product (red)-products, wear light blue ribbons and this month loving everything pink. In an article on the author asks if "we [are] aware that breast cancer is not necessarily inevitable for a certain number of women, as public discourse would lead us to believe? Or that pink-ribbon marketing can hugely increase sales for corporations which may donate only a fraction of sales to research, sometimes while actually using chemicals linked to cancer in their manufacturing?" This when a diesel fueled truck delivered heating oil to the neighborhood...
Read the whole article here.

måndag 11 oktober 2010

Week 40

So what did you do this weekend? This is how I spent mine:
On Friday night, the sofa made an aggressive attack on me and I could not fight it. I watched 'The Expendables'.

Why, you might ask? Well, I was in the mood for a action movie that didn't make me think. And I really wanted to see one of my favorite UFC-fighters in action. I thought Randy Couture did a really good job. I mean, I didn't get annoyed with him. And to my surprise he wasn't the only fighter in the movie. Antonio Rodriguez Nogueira was also in it!

Saturday, David came over and we ate home made pizza. The plan was to go to the movies but nothing good was showing. On Sunday, Mum and I went to 'Moderna Museet' and saw the Alice Neel exhibition.

It was really nice and I think I have to go again because it was to many people there and so many paintings. And of course the mandatory coffee and pastry.

Mum always get a big smile on her face when I order something with blackberries. But that is another story in it self...

tisdag 5 oktober 2010

My greatest fear...

Do you remember this? Does the memories make you gag?

One reporter claims it's back. Apparently the sales figures are up 35% since last year. Who buys it? That is what I want to know. Read the entire article here (in Swedish).