måndag 11 oktober 2010

Week 40

So what did you do this weekend? This is how I spent mine:
On Friday night, the sofa made an aggressive attack on me and I could not fight it. I watched 'The Expendables'.

Why, you might ask? Well, I was in the mood for a action movie that didn't make me think. And I really wanted to see one of my favorite UFC-fighters in action. I thought Randy Couture did a really good job. I mean, I didn't get annoyed with him. And to my surprise he wasn't the only fighter in the movie. Antonio Rodriguez Nogueira was also in it!

Saturday, David came over and we ate home made pizza. The plan was to go to the movies but nothing good was showing. On Sunday, Mum and I went to 'Moderna Museet' and saw the Alice Neel exhibition.

It was really nice and I think I have to go again because it was to many people there and so many paintings. And of course the mandatory coffee and pastry.

Mum always get a big smile on her face when I order something with blackberries. But that is another story in it self...

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