lördag 7 januari 2012

All I wanted...

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All I wanted for Christmas was snow. I know that sounds a bit wierd since I'm sure I complained a lot last year (and the year before). The last two winters had been the coldest and snowiest since the 1940'ies. Now the temperature has not been lower than 2°C. That's not even winter. And maybe because of the mild weather I battled tonsillitis and won (with the help of modern medicine) and all I have now is a snivel and a small cough.
I also wanted to spent time with my family. And that I got to do. I also got to spent extra time with Iris when her dad had to work. We went ice skating in the park (no skates for me).
Christmas was great. I got a gift card from a camera store and I ordered a camera I wanted for a long time but due to a glitch in the system I ordered one that didn't exist and out of stock. These cameras are hard to come by. Now I have to track down a used one.
What else happened... Well, a day into the new year, my freezer gave up but thanks to the best super ever I got a new one the following day, saving my boar steaks and other deliciousness.
Now I'm just enjoying the last days off work before returning to Gothenburg on Monday.

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  1. Ugh, the same thing is happening here! It was freezing this week and now all of a sudden it's warming up again. Global warming is an asshole.