torsdag 14 juni 2012

Things I won't be wearing this summer.

You could probably debate whether its summer or not, it hasn't been warmer than 18°C the last month but I'm still hopeful. I had one of my best summers last year. The weather was great, I got the chance to do lots of fun things and I got a great tan! Sticking with the shallowness of summer; summer fashion. Loving the long-awaited bright colours, the pastels and breezy skirts. But there is some items I wouldn't be caught dead in:
- Bright-coloured chinos or jeans. We call them "framgångsjeans", loosely translated as success pants in derogatory way.
- Short shorts. I just can't. Let's face it: there's only a handful of ladies that actually get away with it. And I don't.
- Your underwear showing. Why?
- The no-sleeve jeans shirt, especially the ones that look like you cut off the arms yourself. The opposition towards cut offs can also apply to shorts.

Did I get it all? What's your summer don't?

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