måndag 5 oktober 2009

Week 40

Inspired by some of my favourite bloggers, I'm now gonna try to sum up my weekend. I apologize in forehand for the bad quality of the images...

On friday, we went to a fairly new bar called Belle Epoque (love the name). It's owned by an ex-collegue of mine and a few of his friend. Simply loved the atmosphere. What should have been a quick beer after work turned out to an all nighter. Martin had to throw us out.

On Saturday, I went to a friends flat for a "small" birthday party. I should have known; there's nothing small about his parties! A very brave croud of people defied the weather and made their way thru the streets of Malmö. It was a blast! I went to bed 06.30 early sunday morning. Needless to say I spent the whole Sunday on the sofa not regreting a single thing!

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