måndag 12 oktober 2009

Week 41

After a crappy week at work what more can you do than gather a few friends and go out to eat? On friday evening, I thought it would be a great idea to introduce the neighbourhood restaurant, Anytime.

This is what some of us had: wild duck with bacon and hazelnuts. And of course apple pie for dessert. Happy and full, my brother and I went to inkonst to celebrate two friends joint birthday party. But with a severe case of food-coma, I went home earlier than I use to.

On Saturday evening, the zombies called out from the Norweigan wilderness. Or maybe not... The movie did anyways. Död snö (dead snow), with the best tag line ever: Ein, zwei, die!

And then came Sunday...

I got my socks rocked off by the Eagles of Death Metal concert at KB. They were great! I've never seen a happier crowd.

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