söndag 6 mars 2011

Bastard #2

To celebrate David's upcoming birthday, I booked a table at Bastard. As usual, the food was AMAZING! Yes, bold letters, that's how good it was.

The deal was that we wouldn't order the same thing so that we could try more dishes. And no, we didn't spoon-feed each other! A little class, please! I took the pig head with apple and kohlrabi for starters, pig shoulder with a salad of treviso, oranges and hazelnuts for the main and for dessert a savarin with rhubarb and whiped cream. Brave David tired the ox heart for starters and pig cheek för the main. Since he's not big on desserts, he went with cheese (which isn't a bad thing).

I've never experienced a dinner sooo quiet, we hardly said a thing to each other and when we did, it came out as moans. It was THAT good! If you haven't been there you have to! Don't get discouraged if it says anything like head or feet on the menu, of course you don't get a ol' big pig head on your plate. But If you're not big on meat, don't bother.

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