söndag 5 september 2010

You Bastard!

This Friday one of my best friends turned 30! But this post is not going to be how much we all love and care about him but about the restaurant we visited and all fell in love with, Bastard.

Say hello to my other three best friends in the whole world, from left to right: Bourgogne, Beaujolais and Merlot (I know Merlot is a grape and not a region, I'm trying to be a bit witty).

For starters, I had the chicken liver pate with sardine sand capers. It was sooo good, I almost fell off my chair! The others went wild and tried the snails.

Main was a pie with ox cheek, chantarelles and green peas. Delicious! I also got a taste of the potted pork, amazing. And as usual I devoured the dessert before I even had a chance to take a picture of it. I highly recommend Bastard for all you meat lovers out there. Vegetarians, don't even bother.

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