torsdag 30 december 2010

Bangers and mash

I guess it needless to say that we did a bit of drinking and eating in London too... Brittish beer have a tendency to be a bit bland and flat. But that didn't bother us that much. A lot of pubs are part of different chains and the genuine pubs are hard to find (at least for tourists).

We did find one pub we liked (despite the fact it was part of a chain), The Pontefract Castle , located at the corner of St Christpher's Square. They had the most amazing bangers and mash (hot dogs and mashed potatoes)! I tried the wildboar/apples banger. With that a good serving of mash (somewhat dry) and luscious gravy and fried union rings. Dessert? Yes! New favourite word: Sticky toffee pudding! Heaven, I assure you!

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