onsdag 8 december 2010

Stick it to the Man!

Yesterday I attempted to blog about Wikileaks. I couldn't. The subject just overwhelmed me and I couldn't decide on what to focus on: Julian Assange's rape charge, the death threats on Bradley Manning, the American war crimes now out in the open or the diplomacy issue. I guess I have lost some faith in mankind. Seriously, what did you expect? By "you" I mean the government, the people in charge, the man. We, the people, might be a bit to gullible sometimes but hopefully that's changing. I hope that the governments starts to be a bit more transparent, admit their faults and start to use some kind of moral compass. Question: If the company you work for was up to something fishy, would you blow the whistle?

1 kommentar:

  1. I am curious why everyone is acting so surprised? What did people THINK was happening in the governments of the world? Governments keep things hidden, but do we really want to know everything anyway? No government is transparent, not America's, and no one elses for that matter. What I am wondering is what does Sweden have to hide and gain from arresting Assange.