måndag 17 januari 2011


I still have some images from London I'd like to share with you. One day we ventured to Shoreditch to take a closer look at where my brother lived during his studying at LCP.

Shoreditch is a strange area. It has this weird mix of old almost ruined buildings and new build contemporary houses.
According to Wikipedia:
"Shoreditch is an area of London within the London Borough of Hackney. It is a built-up part of the inner city immediately to the north of the City of London, located 4 km east-northeast of Charing Cross. The etymology of 'Shoreditch' is debated. A legendary early tradition connects it with Jane Shore, the mistress of Edward IV who according to an ancient ballad died in the eponymous ditch....However as the place is attested as 'Soersditch', long before this, a more plausible suggestion is 'Sewer Ditch', in reference to an ancient drain or watercourse in what was a boggy area adjacent to the 'fens' of Finsbury/Fensbury to the west (Mander 1996). Possibly it refers to the headwaters of the river Walbrook which rose in the Curtain Road area."

Maybe this place will become "the next big thing", cause we could see some galleries, work shops and hipsters floating about.

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